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I warmly welcome you to the world of INTRA Lifestyles!

Since 1998, I have noticed the positive effects of Intra not only on my health, but also on the health of all the people around me.

If you would like to learn more about how Intra can benefit your health, fitness and vitality, please do not hesitate to contact me. I offer full support and advice to my business partners. Are you looking for passive income and an interesting application? Are you interested in cooperation in creating an online business at an international level? Do not hesitate to contact me. You can join online at click on JOIN NOW.

If you click on Purchase, you can order Intra JUICE online for your home. If you are interested in a discount and experience - click on SHOP -, or JOIN ONLINE where I offer a 10% - 30% discount.

Also check out the VIDEOS and pictures about Intra that I uploaded for you at

Thank you for your time and interest in Lifestyles Intra!

Do You like to know more informations? Let's CHAT. Send me your email and I will invite You to GOOGLE MEET online.

Ing. Tomas Cincala, NMD

With Lifestyles, you will benefit from a business built on our industry leading products.

Intra's precise formula of 23 botanical extracts work better together to help balance and strengthen the body's eight biological systems.
Lifestyles developed NutriaPlus as a combination of 12 synergistic ingredients!
CardioLife is a food supplement containing Hawthorn extract, Folic acid, Vitamin K2, Vitamins B6 and B12.
FibreLife provides you with your daily source of fibre, while helping you regulate your appetite and achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
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