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Good day! I hope you are doing well!

Please allow me to share how blessed I am.

I became a member of the Lifestyles Family last August of 2015, through the sponsorship of my loving mother (my biological one, that’s how blessed I am, I have two moms), who was concerned for her grandchildren. Just like any typical caring grandparent or “lola”, she wants what’s best for her grandkids’ health and future. That’s why she asked me to try the product (especially for my kids, who are prone to skin allergy and asthma), and also invited me to do the business. Back then, I didn’t give it any consideration, as I’m passionate with my work, being in real estate. Besides, just like most things that we did not worked hard for, I taken for granted the blessing and opportunity laid in front of me. Eleven months have passed, I received a text message from my mother, inviting me to attend an event. It was a Recognition and Leadership Training, held at Aliw Theater last 9th of July 2016. She told me that she’ll appreciate it if I can attend, since she will be recognized for a promotion, after doing the Lifestyles business part time and as a senior citizen. Deep inside, I was happy for my mother, because at her retiring age, she keeps herself busy, productive and earning. And so I decided to attend, simply to show her my support and also to personally congratulate her on her achievement.

On the day of the event, I didn’t intentionally planned to be late, but that’s what happened. I missed her speech (good thing, my loving mother was still glad that I made it), but I was there at just the exact moment to listen to what I needed to hear. As a father, one of my greatest fear is when I’m feeling helpless about my family’s financial situation when emergency strikes. I also have a soft spot for the idea of having more time with my wife and kids. And those are the same feeling of fear and guilt that I was reminded of, as I listen to different stories, when they were sharing their personal struggles before doing the Lifestyles business. People from different walks of life, testifying how the Lifestyles Products' made a difference in their lives, through better health, wealth and time freedom.

Having heard the testimonies of an almost dying dialysis patient and an average tricycle driver, turned into top earners (millionaires) and reaching the top distributor level, it inspired me and made me reconsider my options. And based from the countless life-changing testimonies that I’ve seen and heard from product users, turned distributors, I started believing in the power of Intra. I was amazed by the proven business opportunity that has enriched the life of its distributors. Not only have they improved their own health, it was very heartwarming to hear and learn, that they’ve made a living by helping people live better everyday. After taking the time to listen, and discover their life's mission, through their sharing, I was reminded that this is what I’ve always wanted. To get out of the rat race, be a part something bigger than myself, and make a difference in the lives of others too!

So whether you’re someone who’s looking for a natural way to improve your health or know the power of the products, and would like to try it, please feel free to reach me. I’ll be glad to help you with any queries that you may have.

I appreciate your time and I'm looking forward to meeting you soon, as a member of our Lifestyles Family!

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